Return to the tissues the turgor, color, elasticity and compactness of a few years before.

Medical treatment that involves injecting directly into moisturizing tissues (free hyaluronic acid) mixed with biomimetic peptides, amino acids and free radical fighters: The purpose of the mix is ​​to reintegrate what is lost in time or the natural layer lubricant-moisturizer and proteins, favoring a natural stimulation of fibroblasts left to produce collagen alone, which is a fundamental component of the skin. They then induce cells to work more vigorously to prevent aging.

Type A botulinum toxin has been used for many years in neurology, physiatry, maxillofacial facial and ophthalmic surgery, particularly in the treatment of spasmodic throat and strabismus. Currently it is also possible to use aesthetic medicine to correct the upper third of the face (chin paws, forehead, eyebrows). to correct bruxism and even in axillary and palmarisation states. Toxin is injected through microagues and causes relaxation of superficial muscle fibers and reduced production of sweat glands. Turns off completely after about 3-4 months.

Composed of materials compatible with human tissue, usually based on stabilized hyaluronic acid. It comes in the form of gel and is injected subcutaneously in order to reduce wrinkles, moisturize and restore volume loss. It is also used to compensate for a face asymmetry. It is completely absorbable after a few months.

Medical treatment consisting in the skin application of an acid or a combination of acids, which is chosen by the physician in function of the intended purpose and which has chemical action on the skin. The purpose is to regularize skin imperfections such as discoloration and acne scars, regulate sebum, accelerate cell replacement, and narrow dilated pores. A renewed, homogeneous and luminous skin layer is then obtained.

They are synthetic suture wires in PDO (polydioxanone), used for 30 years in surgery. Subcutaneous implants are implanted through a thin cannula without anesthesia or with a small local anesthetic. Through a particular technology they are able to perform a traction of the more mobile skin tissue that is adhered to a more fixed fabric: the subcutaneous. They reabsorb on average within 6 months of the implant.

They are always in PDO but smaller than traction and developed with a different technology. They put a lot more in it by creating a network that supports the skin making it more stretched and removing surface wrinkles. They help the tissue regenerate.

Subcutaneous fat injection of lipolytic action substances. Ideal in the cervical region of submission.

Peeling or laser can be used for removal.

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